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News Update For April 30, 2010


This week has seen us getting organized internally so that we can begin to work toward some of the goals outlined last week.

We're now working with a few members of the Lasso Community on the Lasso 9 Migration Guide. Our Director of Product Development, Kyle Jessup, has organized the material that we had and presented it to a few individuals for review and an estimated time of completion. Initial signs point to the work being completed in a relatively short period of time (!), so we're excited about that.

We still have some logistics to work out, but once we've moved forward far enough to give another status update and more information about who is helping us and how we're managing the project, we'll be sure to share it with the Lasso Community.

From the Awesome News Department: The Debian build for Lasso 9 is done, and from what Kyle says, went very smoothly. It will be available for use soon, if it isn't already.

Next up is the Windows version of Lasso 9. Kyle has said that he said he expects it to go quickly, so we'll keep the Lasso Community posed on this as we're sure our Windows users are ready to get their hands on it!

Have a great weekend!
Best Regards,

Kerry Adams
and the LassoSoft Team

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