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Mactech Magazine Compares Lasso And Php In July Issue

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The July issue of MacTech magazine has devoted 10-pages to a thorough comparison of the Web application programming languages Lasso and PHP.

The publication provides a well-written, in-depth white paper, which compares everything from cost, support, database connectivity, configuration, security, to administration.

The article also examines the communities, which support each scripting language, and includes code samples. "MacTech has done a wonderful job comparing Lasso and PHP in their article.

Lasso is given the edge in most categories because of its ease-of-use and consistency," said Brett Circe, president of OmniPilot Software. "The article is an essential read for anyone who is considering using either language. It does a fine job of explaining the barriers to entry and provides a solid starting point for those thinking about using Lasso." OmniPilot has secured reprint rights to the article and the PDF version is available for download at their site. [retired]

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