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Lasso Studio For Dreamweaver And Golive Now Shipping


Upgrade provides complete solution for quickly building data-driven Web sites within an easy to use graphical environment. Lasso Studio 7 is an upgrade to the Lasso Studio product providing enhanced functionality and compatibility with the latest versions of Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive and Blue World Lasso Professional.

Lasso Studio allows non-programmers to quickly build data-driven Web sites using an intuitive set of tools and wizards. The enhanced productivity offered by Lasso Studio allows Web designers to save time and money so they may focus less on technical challenges and more on creative and business advancements.

About Lasso Studio 7

Lasso Studio 7 is the successor to Lasso Studio 6. Lasso Studio transforms leading Web site editors into robust environments for building Lasso-based data-driven Web sites. Designed for entry-level Web designers to intermediate Web developers, Lasso Studio provides wizards and tools which dramatically ease the process of building data-driven Web sites. Lasso Studio has been cited by leading industry publications as "the easiest way to create a database-driven Web site."

Lasso Studio 7 includes support for new tags introduced in LDML 7 (the language of Lasso), the single-user version of Lasso Professional 7.0.3, support for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Adobe GoLive CS on Mac OS X and Windows, enhanced performance and stability and more.

Lasso Studio 7 makes it easy to Web-enable everything from workgroup databases such as FileMaker Pro to high-performance SQL databases such as MySQL. Lasso Studio works with hundreds of databases as supported by Lasso Professional 7.

Users of Lasso Studio 7 can deploy their data-driven Web sites on their own servers using the multi-user version of Lasso Professional 7 (available for purchase separately) or can host their site with many of the various Lasso-based ISPs ( Using Lasso Studio 7, developers can also create compiled, encrypted Web applications (known as LassoApps) for secure distribution to customers. Additional information is available on the Lasso Studio Web site at Pricing and Availability Lasso Studio 7 for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Lasso Studio 7 for Adobe GoLive CS are immediately available as electronic downloads at $299 for new purchases and $199 for upgrades from Lasso Studio 6. Purchases may be made directly at the Blue World Store at Lasso Studio 7 . A fully functional 30-day evaluation version complete with documentation is also available at Eval Request .

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