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Lasso Studio 8 For Golive Cs Scored A 7/10 In Univers Mac Review


Univers Mac, a French Mac printed magazine, included a half-page review of Lasso Studio 8 for GoLive CS in its September issue. The article entitled, 'La Lasso Studio 8 La Dynamique des sites,' was written by Jules Aufort.

"Lasso Studio 8 for GoLive CS received an overall score of 7/10 for its ease of use, availability of wizards or assistants and its seamless integration of Lasso code in existing Web pages.

By following 10 quick steps, you can use Lasso through GoLive and begin creating pages which can be validated through Safari.

One of the strong points of Lasso, is that you can add graphics at the beginning or at the end. It also has virtual connections with the most commonly used software such as MYSQL, SQL Lite and FileMaker. - Jules Aufort"

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