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Fusebox Now Available For Lasso

Popular Fusebox application framework and methodology now available for Lasso platform Blue World Communications, Inc. pioneers of the Web Data Engine today announced the popular Fusebox application framework and methodology is now supported on the Lasso platform.

The Lasso edition of Fusebox makes it easy to migrate Fusebox-compliant solutions to and from other Web application servers which also support Fusebox, including ColdFusion, PHP, JSP and ASP.

"We're delighted to see Fusebox brought to the Lasso community," said Steve Nelson, the original creator of Fusebox. "The Lasso edition of Fusebox should open the door for more Web application developers to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Fusebox framework."

"Fusebox enables developers to be more productive both individually and as part of a team," said Hal Helms, a leading Fusebox developer. "By adopting a standardized coding methodology as provided via Fusebox, developers increase efficiencies by reducing time for project ramp-up and ongoing troubleshooting."

"LassoFusebox makes it easy for Web application developers to migrate their solutions to Lasso thereby taking advantage of the advanced yet easy to use Lasso environment," said Michael S. McKellip, co-creator of LassoFusebox.

"With LassoFusebox, Lasso developers have yet another quality framework and methodology by which they may develop robust Web applications," said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World. "With the popular Fusebox framework available on the Lasso platform, more developers will switch to Lasso as their preferred Web application server."

About Fusebox

Fusebox consists of both a framework for developing Web applications as well as a development methodology of best practices. Fusebox gives developers a way to increase the success rate of their projects by providing a standard framework and methodology for developing and managing Web projects. Used by application designers, developers and architects, the system addresses development problems such as unmanageable complexity, wasteful redundancy of effort, time-consuming code maintenance, and slow development speed.

Fusebox has been in use since 1998 with tens of thousands of users worldwide and numerous resources. Additional information about Fusebox is available at // The Lasso edition of Fusebox was created by Michael S. McKellip and Rich Tretola of Additional information about the Lasso edition of Fusebox is available at //

Blue World Communications delivers cross-platform software tools allowing Web developers and designers to quickly build and serve powerful data-driven Web sites. Blue World provides Lasso Professional, Lasso Studio and in fulfillment of its mission to bring business to the Internet.

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