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Free Lasso Cdml Converter Now Shipping

Facilitates quick conversion of sites built in CDML to LDML; enables CDML developers to quickly migrate to Lasso for enhanced functionality. The Lasso CDML Converter provides the means for FileMaker Web developers to migrate solutions built upon CDML to LDML (e.g. Lasso Dynamic Markup Language).

With the recent release of the FileMaker 7 product line, developers with existing solutions built using CDML are looking for an alternative now that CDML is no longer supported. As CDML is based on early Lasso technology, migrating to the latest version of Lasso is the next logical step for many CDML developers.

The Lasso CDML Converter is the first and only tool available to facilitate migration from CDML to an advanced Web scripting language. FileMaker CDML developers are currently faced with a decision as to what scripting environment to use for future solutions. We believe Lasso and LDML provide the path of least resistance with maximum upside opportunity.

LDML provides the familiar ease-of-use developers have become accustomed to with CDML yet takes their vested knowledge to new heights with Lasso's advanced feature set. The Lasso CDML Converter operates within Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Adobe GoLive CS on Mac OS X and Windows.

To use the converter, simply open a CDML coded page within Dreamweaver or GoLive and click the CDML to LDML conversion button. The Converter automatically converts CDML to preferred LDML equivalents.

The CDML to LDML Converter includes the following features:

- Convert one format file or an entire folder of format files.

- Converts code from CDML 4/5/6 to the preferred syntax of Lasso Professional 7.

- Converts form actions, form inputs, variable tags, replacement tags, conditionals, and intratag parameters.

- Provides a detailed report for batch conversions including file-by-file warnings about any tags which could not be fully converted. Conversion White Paper Also included with the Lasso CDML Converter is a comprehensive white paper which documents how to use the converter and discusses techniques for converting from CDML to LDML. The paper is also available separately at[retired]

Availability The Lasso CDML Converter is immediately available for download and use at no charge. To access the download, link to[retired]

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