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Free Lasso Settings Migrator Tool Now Shipping

Facilitates quick migration of Lasso Professional 5/6/7 settings from one server, host, or database to another. Enhances flexibility when using Lasso Professional for either development or deployment.

About the Lasso Settings Migrator

Lasso Settings Migrator is a free tool for Lasso Professional 5, 6, or 7 which enables migrating database settings between hosts and creating an export of all of Lasso's preferences and security settings for import into a new Lasso Professional 7 installation. Features and Benefits - Migrate database settings between two hosts of the same data source or between the internal Lasso MySQL host and external MySQL hosts.

This makes it easy to move databases stored within Lasso's own internal database to external databases. It also makes it easy to move settings from one database host to another. - Export all of the settings from Lasso Professional versions 5 and 6 into a format which can be imported into Lasso Professional 7. This makes it easy to upgrade servers and/or migrate from one server setup to another, such as from a development environment to a hosting environment.


The Lasso Settings Migrator is immediately available for download and use by Lasso customers. For additional information and to access the link to download the Lasso Settings Migrator, please visit[retired]

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