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Blue World Releases Lasso Syntax Module For Adobe Golive Cs


Syntax coloring and code completion within Adobe GoLive CS to simplify Lasso development Bellevue, WA--October 30, 2003--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today released the Lasso Syntax Module for Adobe(r) GoLive(r) CS. The Lasso Syntax Module makes it easier for developers to build and maintain sites based on Lasso Dynamic Markup Language (LDML). T

he Lasso Syntax Module is immediately available at no charge to users of Adobe GoLive CS, the latest version of Adobe's authoring tool for Web professionals which recently shipped. "Lasso developers have yearned for Lasso syntax coloring and code completion and now they can get it for free, right within Adobe GoLive CS," said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World.

"It's never been easier to begin coding projects based on Lasso." Adobe GoLive CS is a component of the Adobe Creative Suite, a complete design solution that gives creative professionals the tools they need to create and publish content to print and the Web. Lasso Syntax Module Features The Lasso Syntax Module delivers two key features essential to speeding the process of coding and troubleshooting, namely, syntax coloring and code completion.

Syntax coloring allows Lasso developers to more easily view their Lasso code. LDML tags, parameters, and values are each designated by differently colored text when editing within source view. This makes it easier to distinguish Lasso code from HTML. Code completion makes it very easy to input LDML. As you begin typing the beginning letters of a tag or parameter, a window pops up alongside your code which contains an alphabetized listing of relevant LDML tag names. Simply scroll to or select the full name, press return and the entire construct is inserted.

Given the logically grouped naming conventions established for LDML, code completion makes it especially easy to view all tags of a particular LDML tag group just by typing the first part of the group name. For example, typing "Str" will show all tags in the "String" group.

Additional features include automatic parentheses balancing and parentheses selection. When entering parenthetical expressions, typing the closing parentheses will cause the open parentheses to be highlighted briefly so that you can confirm that the opening and closing parentheses match. This is useful when dealing with complex nested expressions to ensure your parenthetical expressions are properly grouped.

Also, double-clicking on either parentheses will highlight the entire expression.

Availability The Lasso Syntax Module is immediately available at no charge via the Adobe Studio Exchange Web site at To locate and download the module, perform a search for "Lasso Syntax." Versions are available to download as either Mac .sit or Windows .zip archives. About Blue World Blue World Communications delivers cross-platform software tools allowing Web developers and designers to quickly build and serve powerful data-driven Web sites. Blue World provides Lasso Professional, Lasso Studio and the Blue World ListSearch service in fulfillment of its mission to bring business to the Internet

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