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Update For June 25, 2010


A short while ago, based in part on suggestions from the Lasso Community, we made the decision to move the Lasso 9 documentation toward a collaboration effort between LassoSoft and Lasso developers. We believe that through collaboration, the documentation will reflect the voice of the developer community.

When content needs to be updated or modified, it will be quick, easy, and reflected immediately. Tracking changes, the ability to comment, and more, will be of great benefit to Lasso users. We expect it to be an improvement over the current format, and it is in line with our goal to 'open up' the Lasso product and platform. We hope you will agree that it's a nice step in the right direction!

Now, on to the Lasso Documentation Wiki!

Anyone may view and comment on the wiki content. However, you must be a registered Zoho user to edit pages. Registration is easy, free, and only takes a minute:

Wiki pages are created and maintained by an Editor Group. To request a new page, if you have questions, or for anything related to the administration of this wiki, please contact

The Editor Group consists of:

Kerry Adams
Kyle Jessup
Brad Lindsay
Steve Piercy

The content is provided by LassoSoft, the Editor Group, and by members of the Lasso Developer Community. As content matures on the wiki, it will be moved to it's permanent location at the LassoDocs site: Content will also continue to remain on the wiki, for future editing and updates.

Please join us in creating the best Lasso documentation possible!

Best Regards,

Kerry Adams
and the LassoSoft Team

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