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Announcing Lasso 8.6b2 to Lasso Developers.

Feb 2011

We've been burning the midnight oil to bring you more new developments - and yes, this time there are a significant number of fixes included! We're pleased to announce to you that today we are releasing Lasso Professional 8.6b2.

This is a short beta release, with the purpose of ensuring that all the new fixes and inclusions are working properly. The supported platforms for Lasso 8.6b2 include Mac OS X 10.5/10.6 (ppc/i386) and CentOS 5.5 on both 32 and 64 bit. Spoiler alert: A Windows version is *almost* ready, and will be made available within the next few days as we also need this picked over for things we may have overlooked.

Downloads available

The download locations and installation instructions (for Linux RPM and yum) can be found at the bottom of the announcement email to the LassoTalk list, but please don't skip over there just yet - you'll miss a lot of other useful information. Please be sure to read the release notes so you can see all the good things that have been included for you.

Final release coming soon

The final release should arrive within 30 days, and will include the final version on all bugs identified and resolved. Note, the final release will be a paid upgrade from Lasso 8.5. More on upgrade pricing will be available shortly.

As said in the last Beta release, we want to see the LassoTalk become a place where developers help us identify and reproduce bugs in a systematic manner. Please send any issues found to us on .

If you have input or suggestions on a listed bug (or bugs), the bugs site is the place to share that information with LassoSoft engineers and fellow Lasso developers. We're seeking developers who can step forward and assist us with some of the critical bugs.

Issues still under investigation

Specifically, we're seeking assistance on the following bugs:
- 7336 Update Internal Cache Tags
- 7327 Admin notification of email queue growth
- 7325 Lasso consumes memory
- 7324 Lasso does not automatically restart after a crash in CentOS 5
- 7323 DNS Deafness. Detailed review of instances with the support of Pier Kuipers who experienced this did not lead to any identifiable and fixable cause. Issue is pending more information

If you can help, or if you have a server with a one or more of the above problems and are willing to give us access, the interface is the place to let us know (or email us directly at ). That goes for any bug, but especially for the ones listed above!

Coming soon

Right now, we are closing in on the new site and licensing, as well as squashing any last bugs in this release, then we're moving swiftly into L9 fixes. There's been long hours put into getting where we are, and we're not stopping yet. Lasso developers have been extremely patient over the years, and we are ready to finish these issues we can continue to move forward to newer and better Lasso.

Lasso 9.0 Issues List

With the upcoming new Lassosoft site, the release of an L9 bugs list will be available. We'll bring you more on this as soon as we can.

Your help is appreciated - and essential!

We would appreciate every single developer's assistance with our bug squashing efforts, and our goal is to make it as easy and transparent as possible to provide that assistance. If you know of an issue which isn't listed on the public bug tracking overview interface, please get in touch with us at and we'll try to get it added.

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