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LassoSoft Inc. Website Launch Drives Resurgence

Programming language and "ecosystem" community revived with new website and new ownership

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, March 17, 2011- LassoSoft Inc. launched a new website today, offering the latest product versions of its web programming language, Lasso 8.6 and Lasso 9. It also united the various websites previously supported by the company, fusing its marketing message, developer support documentation, and client communication channels into a single source.

LassoSoft Inc. CEO Sean Stephens says the new website is about more that presenting a new version of the company and its products following a change of ownership in December 2010. His goal is to improve service to the international Lasso developer community from one central online venue. He emphasizes that he and his team have worked to create a resurgence of dialogue and enthusiasm in their clients and colleagues, encouraging input, feedback and constructive criticism to facilitate product development. They call this the LassoSoft "Ecosystem".

"The Lasso community has shown incredible loyalty and support through the challenging times we have faced in recent years, and they have remained self-sustaining through all of the ups and downs," says Stephens. "These talented developers are our lifeblood, so we intend to work with them to make Lasso more viable and innovative than ever before. They believe in the strengths of this product as much as we do, and we want them to know that their input is important to us as we move the company in new directions."

The LassoSoft Inc. suite of products serves as an application server and scripting language to web developers internationally. It has been used on various platforms for diverse purposes, by many types of users, from individual developers to government and large-scale corporate initiatives. The three advantages it consistently asserts over other programming languages are: speed, security, and the "elegance" or simplicity of its code. The company now also cites improved communication and service as its latest offering to its developers. 

About LassoSoft Inc.

Following a series of evolutions, the Lasso programming language has found a home in Canada with long-time evangelists of the product, Treefrog Interactive Inc. Treefrog and LassoSoft Inc. CEO Sean Stephens acquired the former LassoSoft LLC in December 2010, and has proceeded with his team to build on the strengths of the programming language by engaging the international community of developers loyal to the company. Once licensed by Apple for its internal use, Lasso has a 15-year history of serving such businesses and organizations as NASA, the United Nations, The Walt Disney Company, National Geographic, Cisco, The Golf Channel, Kodak and Volvo. 

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