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Lasso 8.6b3 now available

Lasso Developers,

We are pleased to announce the release of Lasso Professional 8.6.0b3 for Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. Download instructions can be found below.

This release includes the following fixes (please note, if you downloaded a previous version of this installer, you will need to download again):

- Fixed issue where the -tableEncoding parameter was ignored in the MySQL connector. (#7331)

- The Lasso installer no longer configures the Default site on IIS. It now creates a virtual directory. (See Release Notes.txt)

- Fixed issue where Oracle connector crashed Lasso when using -add or -update.

- Fixed issue where PostgreSQL connector crashed Lasso when using -add or -update.

- Fixed issue where PostgreSQL return decimals with a precision of 65000+ places.

- Fixed issue with PostgreSQL and UFT-8 data.

- Fixed very small memory leak in MySQL connector.

General Notices

Investigation was continued on:

- Lasso Connector for Apache 2.2 not loading on Windows XP.

- Oracle connector does not currently support UTF-8 data.

Thank you,




Download Instructions:
8.6b3 license: EVAL-qHsttyBpmY5zXMA
Valid Until 4/14

** Installers can be downloaded here download is located here:
Product: Lasso Server
Platform: Mac & Win
Version: 8.6.0b3

** Instructions for CentOS. The lines between "--" pairs are the pieces that you should type/paste into a command line.
cat> /etc/yum.repos.d/LassoSoft.repo<< EOF

Then, if you are on a 32 bit CentOS:
yum install Lasso-Professional-Apache2

Or, if you are on a 64 bit CentOS:
yum install Lasso-Professional-Apache2.x86_64

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