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Lasso 9.1 now in Beta

LassoSoft is now working with volunteers from the Certified Lasso Developer (CLD) members of the Lasso Community to put the new Lasso 9.1 with Server Instance Manager through it's paces one final time.

With the continuous improvement process that has seen many improvements and fixes progressively updated in to the core Lasso 9 and usability layer Lasso 9.1 is a maturation of Lasso 9.0.

The Server Instance Manager is a new user interface feature that gives hands-on control it fast and easy to set up and manage multiple Lasso instances from a central point - even for users with little server management experience. Features include:


About Lasso 9.1 Server Instance Manager

The Lasso 9.1 release is the first under the new LassoSoft company and introduces a new set of functionality.


Upgrades will have a tiered pricing structure that recognizes recent purchasers with low cost upgrades. The current Lasso 9 prices will apply to new purchases and tiered upgrade factors will be announced on release.

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