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2009 Lasso Conference Content Available Online


LassoSoft has created a channel on YouTube, and it's now been populated with content from this year's Lasso Developer Conference in Amsterdam:

The content is organized by each day that it was presented, and the videos are in the order that the presenters were scheduled. For easier management (and to abide by YouTube's policies), the presentations have been divided into segments. For quick reference, each segment is numbered and labeled in sequential order.

At this time, Sessions and Advanced Tracks are available. As time allows, LassoSoft will work to offer additional content, such as Beginner Tracks, Round Tables, etc.

Presenters who have uploaded their content to slideshare <> have the applicable links to that content listed on their video pages of the LassoSoft YouTube channel. Not all presenters have uploaded their content yet, and are encouraged to do so (please notify LassoSoft if you do).

If Conference Attendees have video content from the LDC that they would like to see included on the LassoSoft channel, please send an email to with details.

LassoSoft plans to organize both a LassoTech article and page with this information, in the near future.

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