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Rhino's from LassoSoft to attend FileMaker DevCon, San Diego, August 2-5 2011


Team Rhino from LassoSoft Inc, Canada are excited to be making the trek to the "Go Farther" 2011 conference for users of FileMaker. Lasso and FileMaker had a close relationship during their formative years, and still are well suited to working together for delivering great data-to-web solutions.

LassoSofts CEO Sean Stephens says "Former users of earlier Lasso versions have probably never heard of the great advances made in the Lasso language, and there are thousands of new Filemaker users who need to know they have options for getting their FileMaker data up to their web front end.

Lasso is very strong on security - something that is on everyones minds these days. Lasso is also very strong for using Unicode and making internationalization of web systems easily achievable."

The new look LassoSoft also brings a range of memberships and a programer certification option. The Lasso network of developers continues to be strong and vibrant community that will welcome newcomers from FileMaker.

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