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Treefrog Interactive Inc Buddies Up With Lassosoft

LassoSoft Inc. to build a new habitat with Treefrog Interactive Inc. 

The team at Treefrog™ have used and loved the Lasso software product line for many years, and are now excited that LassoSoft are being brought closer their Canadian operations.

The owners of Treefrog™ have established LassoSoft Inc., from the products and staff of the former US-based LassoSoft LLC.  

Now the skills and expertise of core Lasso users from within Treefrog™ will actively work with the existing LassoSoft team - skills to develop the product suite and bring a fresh initiative to marketing.

Treefrog's LEAP™ content management system (CMS) is built using the Lasso programming language. It is foundational to Treefrog's award-winning web development performance.

Lasso's reputation as a fast and most secure development platform, combined with its simplicity, elegance and expandability makes the alliance between Treefrog and LassoSoft Inc both instinctive and natural.

The photo shows the Treefrog team welcoming members of the LassoSoft team - including those not local, such as Paul, Kerry, and Kyle.

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