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LassoSoft Releases 10 days of One-Day deals as an End Of Summer Promotion

Starting Sept 22 each day until October 1st there is a super-saving offer made available to Lasso users who are connected to LassoSoft via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and LassoSoft's own LassoTalk list. 

Following on from the release of Lasso Server 9.1.3 - the most backwards-compatible release, and the Enigma Code Conversion machine that eases the load in the upgrade process, LassoSoft are aggressively promoting upgrades.

"There have been a lot of 'fence-sitters' - people with Lasso 8.5 or older who have taken a wait-and-see approach after the new company establishment. They have watched the product releases, and are now seeing ongoing proof of our commitment to delivering what customers are asking for, and for creative thinking about how to make their Lasso coding lives even easier" says Sean Stephens, CEO of LassoSoft. "Lasso 9.1 is gaining momentum and market share. There are numerous great reasons to be moving ahead with Lasso and these offers may be just be providing the stimulus our users need to take that next step"

Lasso has always been a mid-priced product - free to develop in, but where full deployment capabilities require a license. Lasso licensing is not a 'per seat' model like other user software, nor per CPU like server software. LassoSoft released the newer versions of Lasso with a 'per instance' cost that relates to the number of discreet 'sandboxed' environments on a single server. The more you use, the more you pay. The per instance model is driven by the typical server configuration moving away from physical boxes as the defining entity, to processors, partitions and virtual machines.

License pricing ranges from $499 for a brand new single instance license - and upgrades are tiered based on how recent the version being upgraded from is. With upgrades starting from $99.80 there is a very low entry point to staying current with Lasso.

The End of Summer promotions are seeing discounts as high as 50% off some types of licenses. These deals are only promoted to people who are following LassoSoft on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or are on LassoTalk list, and each deal only lasts for 24hours.


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