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[ curl_easy_cleanup ]


[curl_easy_cleanup] ends a libcurl easy session.

It must be the last method to call for an easy session. It is the opposite of the [curl_easy_init] method and must be called with the same [curltoken] as input that the [curl_easy_init] call returned.

This will effectively close all connections this [curltoken] has used and possibly has kept open until now. Don't call this function if you intend to transfer more files.

Any uses of the [curltoken] after this function has been called are illegal. This kills the [curltoken] and all memory associated with it!

  • Syntax
  • Intermediate

To obtain the status codes for multiple URLs


local(ctoken, err, data, headerBytes = bytes, bodyBytes = bytes, ready = false)
local(urllist = array('', '', ''))
local(results = array)
iterate(#urllist, local('url'))
     #ctoken = curl_easy_init
     #err = curl_easy_setopt(#ctoken, curlopt_url, "")
     while(!#ready) => {
          #data = curl_multi_perform(#ctoken)
          #data->second->isa(::bytes) ? #headerBytes->append(#data->second)
          #data->last->isa(::bytes) ? #bodyBytes->append(#data->last)
          #ready = !#data->first
          !#ready ? sleep(10)
//#headerBytes contains the http headers returned
//#bodyBytes contains the data returned from the request

#results     //shows the status messages from each URL request


array(HTTP/1.1 200 OK, HTTP/1.1 200 OK, HTTP/1.1 200 OK)

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