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Used with [curl->set] to set the HTTP proxy to use. The parameter is a string holding the host name or dotted IP address. To specify port number in this string, append :{port} to the end of the host name. The proxy string may be prefixed with {protocol}:// since any such prefix will be ignored. The proxy's port number may optionally be specified with the separate option. If not specified, libcurl will default to using port 1080 for proxies. CURLOPT_PROXYPORT.

When you tell the library to use a HTTP proxy, libcurl will transparently convert operations to HTTP even if you specify an FTP URL etc. This may have an impact on what other features of the library you can use, such as CURLOPT_QUOTE and similar FTP specifics that don't work unless you tunnel through the HTTP proxy. Such tunneling is activated with CURLOPT_HTTPPROXYTUNNEL.

libcurl respects the environment variables http_proxy, ftp_proxy, all_proxy etc, if any of those are set. The CURLOPT_PROXY option does however override any possibly set environment variables.

Setting the proxy string to "" (an empty string) will explicitly disable the use of a proxy, even if there is an environment variable set for it.

  • Syntax
curl->set(CURLOPT_PROXY,'proxy url')

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