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[curlopt_cookie] is used together with [curl->set]. The parameter expected by [curl->set] is a string that will be used to 

set a cookie in the HTTP request. The format of the string should be NAME=CONTENTS, where NAME is the cookie name and CONTENTS is what the cookie should contain.

If you need to set multiple cookies, you need to set them all using a single option and thus you need to concatenate them all in one single string. Set multiple cookies in one string like this: "name1=content1; name2=content2;" etc.

This option sets the cookie header explictly in the outgoing request(s). If multiple requests are done due to authentication, followed redirections or similar, they will all get this cookie passed on.

Using this option multiple times will only make the latest string override the previous ones.

  • Syntax
  • Beginner

To set a cookie while making a HTTP request

Use the [curlopt_cookie] method.


local(c = curl(''))
#c->set(curlopt_cookie, "cookiename=cookievalue")

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